Stay ahead of the latest compliance requirements. Keysight Test as a Service (TaaS) helps you face the challenges of increasing test complexity, budget constraints, and limited technical resources. 


New and emerging automotive wireless standards and regulations are increasing the complexity of test. The time to stay ahead of these governing bodies is a challenge to your budget and engineering resources. The pressure to pass or even surpass compliance testing has never been greater.

Our lab testing service in Boeblingen, Germany, helps your test engineers to simulate, debug, and comply your equipment to global standards and regulations. Our lab has the latest automated testing service and design simulation tools. Keysight’s EMC test engineers can perform accurate measurements to solve your tough compliance challenges. Start reducing your risk of redesign and product recall liability with our quality testing services.


Test-as-a-Service: EMC Test Lab, Boeblingen, Germany


The design challenges of high-speed serial communication interfaces are increasingly more complex, test times are impacting launch schedules, and high-speed equipment is more expensive. Also, in that tight window when your device arrives, your test team must validate its performance before the design can move forward.

Reduce your test cost and speed your time to market by augmenting your test laboratory with Keysight Test as a Service (TaaS). You have access to our experts, state-of-the-art test equipment, and test setups that use standards-based software. Our quality testing service offers three levels of testing: parametric, standards-based, and custom. You have access to Keysight application consultants who can assist you with to make accurate measurements, develop a test plan, and tailor a custom test setup.


Test-as-a-Service: Accelerate Test. Increase Confidence.


The race is on to be first to market with safe autonomous driving. As new standards evolve, test accuracy. The race is on to be first to market with safe autonomous driving. As new standards evolve, test accuracy, repeatability, and reliability mandate the need for both application layer testing and 3GPP compliance readiness. The regulatory uncertainty for C-V2X standards is delaying investment in establishing and staffing test labs. C-V2X includes vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-network (V2N), and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P).

Keysight can help you accelerate time to measurement with minimal cost at our Test-as-a-Service 5G C-V2X test lab in Novi, Michigan. Reduce risk by performing safety scenarios testing at our lab with our experts. Delve into complex measurements to rapidly uncover true insights about your design. Let our experts show you the latest automated test setups that apply Society Automotive of Engineers (SAE) protocols with Keysight PathWave software.


Test-as-a-Service: Accelerate Test. Improve Safety.


As the world becomes more electronically connected, testing is becoming more and more complex. The dramatic number of potential emitters of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in autonomous cars, IoT devices, and 5G phones require new tests to new standards. The pressure to pass compliance testing and receive certification has never been greater.

Partner with our experts and accredited EMC Test Lab in Penang, Malaysia to simulate, debug, comply, and certify your products to global standards and regulations. We help you test components, assemblies, and whole vehicles.


EMC, Radio, Wireless, Environmental, and Safety Testing – Regulatory Test Lab – Penang, Malaysia

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