Radio Access + Core Network Test

As wireless network architectures move towards disaggregated and virtualized units and functionalities with a high degree of standardized interfaces, network equipment manufacturers, mobile operators and chipset providers need integrated solutions that address their evolving test requirements. These include not only traditional functional and performance test, but also conformance and compliance test against standardized interoperability specifications, such as those set by 3GPP and O-RAN organizations.

Keysight offers a comprehensive test portfolio for end-to-end performance verification of any 5G network element, spanning from the physical layer to the application layer, providing thorough validation of the performance of virtualized 5G radio access and core network functionalities across different radio and optical interfaces.

Among the first to be engaged in the O-RAN Alliance, which is leading the industry towards open, interoperable interfaces and RAN virtualization, Keysight has expanded its offer to cover:

  • UE emulation solutions for Radio Access Network testing over the radio and the O-RAN fronthaul interfaces across the full range of frequencies, covering real-world scenarios spanning protocol and load testing in the lab to field testing and trials
  • O-RAN emulation solutions for functional and performance verification of a variety of O-RAN nodes and functions over the fronthaul and midhaul interfaces
  • Core emulation solutions to allow end-to-end/wrap-around testing
  • Core Network test solutions, spanning from end-to-end to node isolation testing by simultaneously simulating multiple nodes and interfaces

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